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First Ever Met PGA Junior Scoring Clinic at Westchester CC
April 19th 2015 -


On Sunday, April 19th 2015 the Metropolitan PGA held its first ever Junior Scoring Clinic at Westchester Country Club. At the clinic, junior golfers received instruction from some of the sections best teachers, including our 2014 Golf Professional of the Year, Darrell Kestner, John Hobbins, and Golf Channel's Michael Breed. The clinic focused on the short game and exposed the juniors to cutting-edge techniques such as aimpoint green reading. Meanwhile, the juniors' parents sat in on presentations about college tips and tricks, scholarships, social media use, education routes for aspiring golf professionals.

On the putting green, John Hobbins had the kids judge the break of the green and then introduced them to "aimpoint," a precision process for reading greens. The juniors felt the green from the ground up, using their feet and bodies to read the green instead of just their own eyes. From there they were able to get an entirely different perspective in their approach to the hole.

Down at the practice chipping green, Michael Breed described his methods of approaching the green without overshooting the flag pin. He drew boxes on the green for the kids to target and they soon found that by aiming into a general hot zone, instead of going for the hole, their shots were far more accurate and made one-putts instead of multi-putt finishers.

Darrell Kestner took a more technical approach to putting, breaking out gadgets, wires, laser pointers, you name it. He worked with the juniors get them to swing with a steady club face and make their shots as accurate as possible. Touching on posture, backswing, and follow through, he used technology to reinforce core principles.

The day concluded with a Q&A session with the three instructors, in which both parents and juniors were able to grill the Pros and rack their brains. Afterward, juniors crowded the pros for pictures to remember an event they certainly wouldn't forget.