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Teen Queen: 14-Year-Old Golfer A Prodigy In Making
Author: New York Post Author
June 3rd 2015 - Article via the New York Post

A teenage tigress is taking the game of golf by the tail.

She is 14-year-old Kyra Cox of South Salem, and Tuesday she will be taking her talents to the US Women's Open Qualifier at the Ferncroft Country Club in Middleton, Mass.

"I would say it's gonna be more exciting than nerve-wracking," Kyra told The Rumble. "I know that I can do really well in this qualifier. I know that if I just play relaxed, I could do really well."

Kyra aspires to a Pro Career.

"To get where I want to go, I really have to work on my mental game, keeping in focus for the 18 holes, being able to manage the course... and just being able to score," Kyra said. "If I make a mistake, being able to recover and still shoot a good number."

Her resume speak for itself: She is the highest-ranked player in the state of New York as reported by Golfweek Magazine and Polo golf ranking. In 2012 at age 12, Kyra became the youngest player to win the New York State PGA Junior Golf Championship. Kyra earned the Metropolitan PGA Player of the Year honor in 2014. She is ranked among the top 15 junior golfers in the country in her class of 2018 by Polo gold ranking an ranked 10th by Golfweek magazine.

As a freshman, she is the No. 2 on the John Jay HS boys golf team.

"It's a lot of fun," Kyra said. "It's a little difficult 'cause I am a girl, I don't have the yardage, but I see that I'm always right up there, that I'm still in the game, and it's just been a great experience. The guys on the team are really nice people. They just treat me like I'm one of them pretty much."

Kyra's dad Keith introduced her to golf when he took her to a charity event for autism when she was 8 years old, in support of one of her two younger sisters, 13-year-old Kylee, who is autistic.

"It really impacted me a lot and motivated me," Kyra said.

She birdies her schoolwork too. Kyra is a straight-A student.

"I check online, I do my studies as I'm traveling, and I just make sure that I'm always on point with my grades," she said.

The New York State Amateur Championship in July and the Connecticut Women's Open in August are also on tap. But first things first, and her proud dad will be caddying for her Tuesday.

"Sometimes the 14-year-old comes out of her, she's not as focused," Keith said.