Most Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Tournament Guidelines

What is the cost of membership?
The cost for early registration for 2021 membership is $100. (March 1st - April 30th)
May 1st through the remainder of the season is $125. 

My username and password aren’t working?
Please make sure that you are logging in on or on the Junior Tour page on

How can I get my username and password?
Go to our website and click "BLUEGOLF LOGIN" at the top right corner of the page. Look for the Players Club login and click “forgot password.”

How much do the tournaments cost?
9-Hole Tour: $50
Players Tour: $65 
Future Series: $215

Why are there only check boxes next to some events?
The events that are still open have check boxes next to them. The ones without boxes are full or are not for your division.

How do I cancel an event?
Log into your Players Club and click the cancel button next to the event you need to withdraw from. Cancellations are accepted online up until the morning of the event.

Are rangefinders allowed at the events?
YES – they must not provide slope or wind speed.

Are caddies allowed at tournaments?

Are spectators allowed at tournaments?
At select Future Series events and Championships only, guidelines permitting. 

If I am waitlisted for an event how will I know if I get in?
If spots become available the Met PGA office will contact you via email to see if you would like to play. We will never just put you into an event without asking you first.

Are standbys allowed in 2021?

If I have a special request for a tee time what do I do?
Email your request to and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How do I get a handicap?
The Met PGA provides you with a free handicap. Please Click here to register.

How do I post scores to my handicap?
Go to