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Tournament Registration Open May 15th
April 29th 2015 -

On May 15th, tournaments will be open for selection through your Player's Club Account using your ID and password on our website at All tournament selections will be accepted until the stated deadline, May 22nd at 12pm and will not be processed until after this date. Selections will NOT be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

When doing your online tournament selection, members will be able to make 9 tournament selections and also be able to assign Preference Stickers for each event. At that time, members will be asked to supply a credit card number that will not be charged until they are selected for their events (on or before June 5th). For the events that you do not get into, you will be placed on the Waiting List. Registration for championships also begins May 15th and are not considered to be part of your 9 selections. The average number of tournaments each member gets into is 5 plus Championships. Tournament fields will be determined by the Met PGA Tournament Committee. By June 5th, members will be informed of the tournaments that they have been accepted to by email.

With over 1,300 members in our program we believe that this tournament allocation system provides the best opportunity for our members to get equal playing opportunities while allowing them to select tournaments around their summer schedule.

Click here for step by step directions to sign up for events

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there only check boxes next to some events?
The system will only allow you to sign up for tournaments in your age division.
The ones without boxes are not in your division.

Why can't I sign up for Long Island and Westchester events?
You are only allowed to play on one tour - the one you selected when you signed up for membership.
Unless you are playing in the 9-Hole division.

Why can't I sign up for the PGA Championship on July 6th-7th?
You must sign up for one of the qualifiers first.
If you qualify you will automatically be entered in to the Championship event