VETWORKS is an initiative of the Metropolitan PGA Section Foundation that helps pair military veterans with employment opportunities at Metropolitan Section golf courses.

Eligible Veterans: PGA HOPE Graduates

Types of jobs available: Part Time/Full Time/Volunteer positions

If you are interested in possible employment at a local golf course please sign up below and we will contact you.

Possible VETWORKS Opportunities Include:

Golf Shop Attendant
This position will provide support to the Golf Professional Staff in all aspects of the Golf Shop operation.
Starters and Rangers/Outside Operations/Bag Room to help manage tee times and player start times, and to help facilitate play around the course, golf clubs hirestarters and rangers. The starter is the first tee's gatekeeper, managing the tee times as players begin their rounds. This position requires organizational skills and a personable demeanor, as starters welcome golfers to the course. Rangers manage play around the golf course by keeping tabs on pace‐of‐play and helping assist
players with such things as misplaced clubs or a lost ball.

Cart Attendant
A golf cart attendant is responsible for the maintenance of golf carts and other related equipment. He is
supposed to ensure the cleanliness practices of the golf cart. The golf cart attendant should be aware of all the
rules, regulations and policies of the organization he is working with because he might be asked to provide
information regarding this to the players and members.

The person who carries a player's bag and clubs, and gives insightful advice and moral support. A good caddy is
aware of the challenges and obstacles of the golf course being played, along with the best strategy in playing it.

Golf Association Field Staff
Assist local golf associations with administration of golf tournaments and events.

Golf Course Maintenance Crew
Assist the golf course superintendent, or head greenskeeper, with different varieties of grasses, trees and
shrubs on the golf course.

Locker Room Attendant
Assigns dressing room facilities, locker space or clothing containers, and supplies to patrons of athletic or
bathing establishment: Issues dressing room or locker key.

Food and Beverage
Opportunities in the clubhouse, halfway house, and beverage cart opertation.